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Allied Bank

Commercial Banks | UAN No. :

The Bank started out in Lahore by the name Australasia Bank before independence in 1942; and became Allied Bank of Pakistan in 1974. In August 2004, because of capital reconstruction, the Bank's ownership was transferred to a consortium comprising Ibrahim Group; therefore, it was renamed as Allied Bank Limited in 2005. Today, with its existence of over 70 years, the Bank has built itself a foundation with a strong equity, assets and deposit base. It offers universal banking services, while placing major emphasis on retail banking. The Bank has a large network of over 830 online branches in Pakistan and offers various technology-based products and services to its diverse clientele.

Allied Bank

Supply Bazar Atd. [ Branch Codes: 0005 ]
Shop No.171, 172 and 173 Supply Bazar Atd. | ABBOTTABAD | ABBOTTABAD
T: 0992-335575 0992-330869 | P: 0992-330373 0992-330889 | F:


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