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Since 2014, BizzKlick – Business Connection has become the leading Internet platform for finding, selecting and contacting companies around the world. Now, it’s taking a step forward, offering efficient e-marketing solutions for every B to B company!

BizzKlick – Business Connection offers a number of powerful tools to enhance your online presence and to support your e-marketing strategy. Gain visibility online for your company and your specific products and service. Use BizzKlick – Business Connection highly qualified audience to directly address decision makers and professionals, and increase the number of business contacts your company receives. Ad views, clicks-through, news contacts: targeted search results mean higher ROI. See for yourself! BizzKlick – Business Connection offers you detailed and certified statistics.

Online consists of a huge array of resources and information related to top online companies and websites including businesses, shopping companies, wholesalers, suppliers, drop shippers, investing, shopping, real estate portals, property dealers and estate agents, arts, sports, computers, games, health, home, marketing, science and IT related and many more companies.

Our Values

  • » Highly value membership in general and all its members
  • » Maintain high code of ethics;
  • » Value the interdependence and team spirit of its employees and other stakeholders;
  • » Maintain an excellent working relationship with all stakeholders;
  • » Value corporate social responsibility.
  • » Value corporate social responsibility.

Our Objectives

  • » To provide different services to members and the business society;
  • » To promote and publicize products and services of the country;
  • » To enhance trade and investment of the country;
  • » To serve as a bridge between the business society and the government
  • » To support members build their capacity